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Trafalgar's Management Committee has the important responsibility of directing and controlling the affairs of the Association.  As a registered landlord and a Scottish Charity, it is essential that the Association has people with the right skills, knowledge, objectivity and experience to carry out this role.  They make all the important decisions relating to the Association, and employ the Staff to act on these decisions and carry out the day-to-day running of the Association.

Becomming a General Member of Trafalgar Housing Association

Any tenant of Trafalgar Housing Association (THA) can become a General Member of the Association as long as you are aged 16 or over.  Membership costs £1 and you will remain a member for as long as you reside within the area.

By becoming a member of the Association you are eligible to vote at the AGM, which takes place very September, allowing you to influence how the Association operates.  If you feel you would like to have a more active role within the Association, by being a General Member you are able to be voted on to, or apply to become a member of the Management Committee.

How do I become a member of the Management Commitee?

To become a member of the Management Committee you must firstly become a General Member of the Association as detailed above.

The usual way to become a member of the Management Committee is to be elected at the AGM which takes place every September.  To stand for election you need to fill out a nomination form and return it to the office no later than 7 days prior to the AGM.  At the AGM your nomination will be raised.  If there are more nominations than available places then there will be an election and all the members present will vote for each person, and the one with most votes will be elected.

Alternatively, if you wish to join the Management Committee during the year you can be invited on to fill any 'casual vacancies' that exist.  However, you would then need to be formally elected at the next AGM.

Finally, the Management Committee may ask to co-opt you on to the Committee if they felt you had a specific set of skills or knowledge that could contribute to the running of the Association.

The Management Committee


John Munro                       -              Chairperson

Eleanor Shannon              -              Vice Chairperson

Carol Scholes                     -              Secretary

Annemarie Bailey            -              Committee Member

John Butcher                     -              Committee Member

Elizabeth Grass                 -              Committee Member

Eileen McGhie                   -              Committee Member

Harry Robertson               -              Committee Member

Bernadette Swindon      -              Committee Member

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