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The Association is pleased to be working closely with over 20 local residents who have volunteered to join our scrutiny group.  The PIN members understand the importance of the requirement for the Association to meet the outcomes and standards set by the Scottish Government within the Scottish Social Housing Charter and this underpins the work the PIN members do.

The main functions of the PIN are to:

  • Monitor how and if these standards are delivered
  • Revise service standards
  • Use performance reports to improve services

Outlined below is the kind of work the PIN members do in order to meet the Charter standards.

Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Charter

The Standards

The Scottish Social Housing Charter (The Charter) was introduced by the Scottish Government and became effective on 1st April 2012.   The Charter is designed to “help improve the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide, and supports the Scottish government’s long term aim of creating a safer and stronger Scotland.

 The Scottish Housing Regulator’s role is to check that the Association is meeting the Charters outcomes.

 The Regulator’s reports will also help the Scottish Government ensure that public investment in new social housing goes only to landlords assessed as performing well


The Regulator will assess us against the following standards and the purpose of the Scrutiny Panel will be to help us ensure we are meeting and where possible, exceeding these standards.

  • Equalities
  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Quality of Housing
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Improvements
  • Estate Management, Anti-social Behaviour, Neighbour Nuisance & Tenancy Disputes
  • Housing Options
  • Access to Social Housing
  • Tenancy Sustainment
  • Value for Money
  • Rents & Service Charges

Policy Review

The Association uses policies and internal procedures to help us measure the effectiveness of our service delivery.  The Network members help us review the service policies and consider proposals for improvement before they are presented to the Association’s Management Committee.

Once these policies have been approved, the PIN members wanted to assure you of their input, so the Association’s service policies will all have a PIN Approved quality assurance ‘stamp’ on them. 

Independent Surveys

The Association instructs an independent large scale survey at least every 3 years.  To supplement this survey, we also carry out independent monthly surveys.

This independent company contact our customers each month to double check how satisfied you are with the service you receive from us.  It’s important that this is done independently and the results allow us to analyse your views, which is what we use to determine what, if any, services need to be altered or indeed introduced.

We compare ourselves against our peer groups as well as the average of groups identified by Research Resource.  The PIN members look over the results of these survey findings and make recommendations to the Association’s Management Committee with a view to improving service delivery.

Performance Reports

There are several ways in which we gather feedback from our customers and the PIN members review the responses in terms of levels of customer satisfaction with our service provision.  This information is now contained within our annual Landlord Performance Report.  The PIN members help us benchmark against our peers and the statistical data is prepared, analysed and reported to our customers.  The Scottish Housing Regulator also issues an annual report on Tollcross Housing Association and we publish this on our website and within our newsletter too.

PIN Membership

If you are interested in joining or just want to find out a bit more, please contact Anne on 763 2855 or e-mail anne.fitzsimons@tollcross-ha.org.uk.  You can also check out our PIN leaflet prepared by its members


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