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The Association has over 2200 properties for rent within the East End of Glasgow.  We have various property types and sizes spread over 5 main geographical areas, Tollcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, Newbank and Braidfauld.  You can see below the street index for each of the areas which may help you when you are applying for a home.

We understand this is a big decision for applicants and we want to ensure you have all the appropriate information to help you make your choice and ensure you sustain your tenancy if allocated one of our properties.

Tollcross Area Team

Altyre St


461 Tollcross Road


Ard St


255-373 Tollcross Rd


Ardgay St


274-280 Tollcross Rd


20-50 Braidfauld St


308-494 Tollcross Rd


5-31 Braidfauld St


586,636,648,676, Tollcross Rd


Dalness St (old stock & new build)


740-750 Tollcross Rd


Dunira St (new build)


864, 868, 1180 Tollcross Rd


Dalness Close


872-924 Tollcross Rd


Dalness Crescent


939-959 Tollcross Rd


Eckford St


984-1170Tollcross Rd


Fairburn St


Trainard Ave


Fairholm St


375-405 Wellshot Rd


Ogilvie St




2 Tollcross Park View





Carmyle Area Team

Ardargie Dr


Eversley St


Bracadale Rd


Foxley St


Bank Rd


Fullerton Ave


Braidfauld Pl


Gardenside Ave


63 Braidfauld St 215-223

215-223 Braidfauld St


Gardenside Cre


Cathkin View


Gardenside Pl


Carmyle Ave/Orchard Crt (Sheltered Housing)


Hillcrest Rd


Causewayside St


Inzievar Terr


Corbett Crt


Liddell St


Corbett St (new Build)


Lloyd Ave


Corbett Place (new build)


1949-1971, 2253-2418 London Rd


Corbett Gate (new build)


Mansionhouse Ave


Corbett Wynd (new build)


Montrose Ave


Clydeview Terr


Naismith St


Cross St


Neuk Way


Dalbeth Pl


Noldrum Ave


Dalbeth Rd


Noldrum Gardens


Drumshaw Dr


Park Rd


Duffus Pl


Park Way


Duisdale Rd


River Rd


15-95 Easterhill Pl


Robin Way


Easterhill St


Toronto Walk


Estate Quad




Estate Rd





Briaidfauld/Lilybank/Newbank Area

Benholm St


MacDuff Pl


Birnam Rd


MacDuff St


194-234 Braidfauld St


52-122 Maukinfauld Rd


Canmore Pl


134-242 Maukinfauld Rd


Canmore St


Methven St inc Very Sheltered Housing


Downfield St


Methven St


Dunkeld St


Ogilvie/Canmore (new Build)


Finhaven St


Potter Close


Glamis Rd 


Potter Path


Glenisla St


Potter Pl


Glenshee St


Potter St


Helenvale St


Potter Grove


1359-1945 London Rd 


Prosen St


1737-1891 London Road


Rattrey St


Lundie St


Strathbran St




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