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All owners are encouraged to join the Association’s block comprehensive buildings insurance policy. In cases where the Title Deeds specify that the factor should arrange insurance this will be enforced, but if the Title Deeds are silent on this matter you will retain the right to hold your own insurance cover, provided the minimum level of required cover is in force.

A summary of cover will be issued by us, to participating owners on an annual basis and will include details of what is covered by the policy. If you require further information about what is covered and what isn’t, please contact our Insurance Brokers – Arthur J Gallagher Housing Limited - on 01245 341276.

Your insurance premium will be charged once per year and will appear on the invoice which we issue in mid to late May. Unlike some property factors, we do not receive any commission or other fees in respect of the block buildings insurance policy.

We will submit insurance claims on behalf of all owners in respect of damage to communal areas, but in cases where individual properties are involved, you will be responsible for submitting the claim.

Our insurance brokers aim to make the claims process as easy as possible and their Claims Manager (Elaine Murray) will be able to guide you through each stage. In the event that you need to make a claim please contact Elaine on 01245 341276 as soon as you can after the incident occurs and before appointing any contractors (other than those to make the property safe and protect it from further damage).

The current insurance policy is provided by Aviva Insurance Limited and the policy number is 17/RSL/10288A.

For residential properties you will have to pay the first £100 of any insurance claim, with the exception of subsidence, where you will pay the first £1,000. The corresponding excess levels for commercial properties are £250 and £1,000.

The cover provided by our policy will protect you for damage to the fabric of the building, but will not pay for damage to carpets, furniture or other moveable items. We recommend that you take out your own contents insurance policy to cover any damage to these items. Although the Association does not arrange contents insurance, we have negotiated with "Your Place" to allow our tenants and owners to participate in their low cost scheme. If you would like an application form, please contact a member of our Corporate Services team on 0141 763 1317.

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