We provide access to information on all the Associations who are members of Scottish Housing Connections. Over time we hope to improve the services available on line. Feedback should be sent to either one of the Housing Associations using their contacts page.

Housing Associations in Scotland, also known as Registered Social landlords (RSLs) provide housing for people in housing need.

Many RSLs in Scotland are run at a very local community level allowing local people to have their say in housing in their area.

As well as managing their existing stock, Housing Associations also build new housing for rent and for sale under the shared ownership and homestake schemes.

Wider Role work now takes a prominent role in the work of the associations. Wider Role work means that work can be done in the communities to provide community facilities, train and develop the skills of local people and interact with many groups in the community including the young and the elderly.

Many of the Housing Associations also manage factoring for both flats and housing estates.

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