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Reporting a Repair

We provide a repairs service and an out of office hours emergency service in order to keep our tenants’ homes in good condition. Full details of the repairs service are included within your Tenant Handbook (chapter 5), a copy of which can be downloaded below. - Association Information. Some important information is listed below.

Link to Response Repairs Policy which is currently under review. 

Please note - some minor repairs are the responsibility of the tenant – please see the Tenant Handbook for details.


If you are experiencing frozen or burst pipes due to the current extremely cold weather then please read the following advice :

If you have frozen pipes try to thaw them by wrapping heated cloths around them.

You may also be able to apply some heat from a portable heater but NEVER use a naked flame.

•If you live in an all electric house turn off the electrical switch to the hot water tank.
•If you have a gas heating/hot water system DO NOT try to use the heating system or an immerser tank.
•If your pipes have burst shut off the water supply at the stop valve and then run all the cold water taps in the house until the water stops running.
•If there is a risk of water coming into contact with any electrical wiring or fittings, turn off the electricity supply at the mains.
•Finally, if out of normal business hours, call the emergency contact as given below and notify the Association as soon as possible.
•If you have experienced severe flooding and have to vacate the house then contact Stirling Council Homelessness Team who may be able to provide you with temporary emergency accommodation. Call them on 01786 432400. www.stirling.gov.uk 

Reporting a Repair (During Office Hours)

Phone 01786 841101 to report all categories of repair. Staff will ask you a number of questions to assess the urgency and nature of the repair and to arrange access. We will then advise of the target time for completing the repair or give other relevant information.

Emergency Repairs (Outwith Office Hours)

If an emergency repair is required out-with office hours, you should call one of the following telephone numbers:

  • Tenants with a gas central heating system who have no heating or hot water should telephone Saltire: 0845 606 1555.
  • For any other repairs please call the McDougall Group on  0800 975 1234 free from land lines and mobiles.

The McDougall Group www.themcdougallgroup.com is a well-established provider of emergency repair services to housing associations throughout Scotland and its customer service standards can be viewed here.

Please think carefully before you use the out of hours service, as the service is for EMERGENCIES only. If you call out the emergency service to a non-emergency repair you may be re-charged the cost for this.

How quickly will we carry out the repair?

Our categories and target response times are as follows:


Timescale Definition Examples
Emergency  Within 4 hours  If not attended to would seriously affect the stucture, security or constitute a danger to health

 Fire/flood/break-in/gas escapes

 Urgent  Within 3 working days  Require prompt attention to prevent further deterioration and extended damage to property or undue risk or inconvenience to the tenant  Minor leaks/urgent electrical, and joinery works / security measures
 Routine  Within 10 working days  Minor defects which may cause some inconvenience but where it is not essential to carry out an immediate repair  External building repairs/internal joinery/plasterwork

Quality of service

All repairs are carried out by approved contractors. We continuously monitor them to ensure they provide a prompt, high quality and value for money service. A Satisfaction Survey Form is issued to all tenants who report a repair. Please complete and return this in the prepaid envelope provided to help us ensure that our services continue to provide high levels of satisfaction.  Everyone who returns a survey form will be entered into a prize draw every quarter to win a £25 shopping voucher.


Planned repairs and maintenance

In addition to repairs carried out in response to tenant requests we also carry work each year on a planned basis e.g. for external decoration of properties and servicing of heating systems or replacement of components (e.g. kitchen units) that have reached their end of their useful lives. The details of the current 5 year Planned Maintenance Programme can be viewed on the Future Plans page.

Reporting a repair

You can call us during office hours to report the repair, come in to the office or e-mail the Association using the form below.  (Please note the email enquiries address is not checked outwith office hours.)

Note:  To report an emergency outwith office hours please refer to the emergency numbers that are provided above.


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