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We have nearly 600 homes for rent in the area and each year between 30 and 40 of these become available for re-let. The location of our housing stock can be seen here.

We also have some newly built properties to let each year – depending on our development programme.

We aim to:

  • Give priority to people in housing need
  • Help prevent rural homelessness and deal with it when it arises
  • Make the best use of the housing available
  • Help to sustain and support the rural communities we work in

A copy of our Housing Allocations Policy can be viewed here.

Our Housing List and how to apply

We maintain our own housing list. Our Guide to Applicants explains how we assess applications to the list and allocate our properties, and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

If you would like to apply to rent one of our properties, you are over 16 years old and live in the UK, you can obtain a housing application form by:

  • Clicking on the link below. You may also wish to download the Health and Housing Needs form to complete if your current housing situation is affecting your medical condition.
  • Telephoning this office on 01786 841101 for an application pack to be sent to you. 
  • Emailing us at enquiries@rsha.org.uk for an application pack to be sent to you.
  • Once we have received your completed application we will normally be able to assess it and get back to you within a week. We may need to contact you for further information and may need to visit you in your home.

Application Form

Guide to application form

Existing Tenants

Each year we allocate a proportion of our available homes to existing tenants who have a need to move to a home more suitable to their needs. If you are a tenant and wish to move please contact the office for an Application Form and to talk to your housing officer.


To help ensure the widest access to our housing we have a Nominations Agreement with Stirling Council. Under this the Council is invited to nominate applicants from its housing list for up to 50% of our available properties (after transfers). We encourage all applicants to the Association to also apply for housing to Stirling Council. You can request an application form by
Telephone: 01786 404040
Email: info@stirling.gov.uk
Website: http://my.stirling.gov.uk/services/housing/council-housing/council-housing-tenancy-and-allocations/housing-applications


If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please also contact Stirling Council’s Housing Option’s team on the contact details below.

Address: Springkerse House, 5 Springkerse Road, Stirling FK7 7SN
Telephone: 01786 237900
Website: http://www.stirling.gov.uk/services/housing/council-housing/council-housing-advice-and-support
Service Opening Hours: 9am–5pm Monday to Friday, 24/7 service via contact centre

You can also get advice and information on homelessness and other housing related issues by contacting Shelter.
Telephone: 0808 800 4444
Website: http://scotland.shelter.org.uk/about_us/contact_us

Local Lettings Initiatives

The Association will from time to time make use of Local Lettings Initiatives (LLI), to help to sustain and support the rural communities we work in. The rural Stirling area faces severe housing pressures, with significant local housing need and a shortage of affordable housing. When we build new homes we have often applied an LLI for the first lets to give added priority to those in housing need who have a particular need to live in the area.
Where we are applying a LLI at any time we will publicise the details to all applicants and on this website.

We have an ongoing LLI for our homes in the remote settlement of Tyndrum. This is aimed at helping community sustainability. A copy can be viewed here.

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