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Rent & Service Charge Consultation 2018/19

Pineview Housing Association would like to consult with residents on the proposed increase in rent, service charges and sharing owner/owner management fees for 2018/19. 

We must set our budgets for 2018/19 to ensure that we remain financially viable in the long term and continue to provide the best standard of service we can for you. We are therefore trying to keep our increase as low as we can while still making sure we have enough money to cover all our current costs and put money aside for future maintenance works. 

Interest rates have been increasing over recent months and RPI inflation currently stands at 4%. We are aware that many of the costs faced by the Association are set to rise in excess of inflation rates e.g. maintenance costs, loan interest, etc.  These factors have a direct input into the amount by which we need to increase our income.   The Association works hard to ensure that all our operational costs are tightly managed and controlled.  

In order to have no effect on the Association’s current long term projections an increase of 3.5% would be required for the next 5 years. However, taking into account the impact on residents’ incomes at this time, the Management Committee is considering restricting the increase to CPI inflation only, which is 3%.  However, doing this means we will need to make savings elsewhere, most likely in staff costs and planned maintenance.  As such, we want to consult with tenants on the following increase options:

3.0% (CPI only)                 3.5% (CPI +0.5%)                  4.0% (CPI +1%)

We have consulted with other housing associations through the Glasgow & West of Scotland Forum and the majority are considering increasing rents by either RPI (4%) or CPI + % (3.5% - 4%) 

The Association will be reviewing our costs further over the coming year to try to make further efficiencies to strive to keep rent increases minimal and hopefully no greater than CPI inflation moving forward. 

Affordability and Comparability 

All our current rents pass the Scottish Federation of Housing Association (SFHA) affordability test and our average rents compare well with other local rents and the Scottish average rents, as detailed below:

Property Size

Pineview HA 2016/17

Local Drumcog


Scottish Average


2 Apartment




3 Apartment




4 Apartment




5+ Apartment




Total Average




Drumcog = average of Cernach HA, Drumchapel HC, Kendoon HA, Kingsridge Cleddans HA, Pineview HA

Increase Options Impact on Average Rents

The impact on average weekly rents for each of the 3 options is provided below. Please note that these figures do not include the district heating charge.

2018/19 Increase Options:

Property Size

2017/18 Average Weekly Rent

 2018/19 With 3% increase

2018/19 With 3.5% increase

 2018/19 With 4% increase

2 Apt





3 Apt





4 Apt





5 Apt





6 Apt





Total Average





Our residents’ opinions are important to us and we would like to know what you think about these options. 

We are keen to hear your views and comments on the options for the annual increase that will take effect from 1st April 2018. 

Our Management Committee will consider all responses and comments before making a final decision on the increase to be applied for the 2018/19 rent, services charges and management fees.

Please click the survey button below to let us know your views.

Closing date for responses is noon on Friday 12 January 2018

2018/19 Rent & Service Charge Survey

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