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Pineview Housing Association Ltd was set up in 1991 in the Pinewood area of Drumchapel.  The Association was originally called Pineview Housing Co-operative after the transfer of housing stock in the Pinewood area from Glasgow District Council.  Since that time we have pursued a strategy of growth through stock transfers and land acquisitions.  We now have houses in the Pinewood, Waverley, Broadholm and Stonedyke areas of Drumchapel.

Our Mission:
“Pineview Housing Association aims to provide quality affordable homes, and deliver excellent service through listening and engaging with our customers”.

Our Values & Behaviours:
In everything we do, we will be:

  • Honest & transparent
  • Fair & adaptable
  • Polite & approachable
  • Positive & kind
  • Knowledgeable and listening

Our Objectives:

  1. To provide good quality affordable housing for rent and home ownership and maintain quality through appropriate long term investment.

  2. To assist tenants and where appropriate owners and sharing owners to sustain their tenancies/ownership through the provision of adaptations, housing support service, financial advice and any other initiatives which the Association can enter into.

  3. To provide efficient, responsive and cost effective management and maintenance services for tenants and owners.

  4. To ensure that the work of the Association is supported by effective governance, financial and administration systems and that staff and Committee are accountable for the work of the Association.

  5. To ensure that the Association is an employer of choice.

  6. To consolidate our business within our existing neighbourhoods and take advantage of development opportunities should they be financially viable to undertake.

  7. To support wider role activities that help to support the investment and regeneration that has already taken place and which introduce measures to help sustain our business and develop our community.

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