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Keeping your gardens and common areas clear of bulk items such as furniture, carpets, electrical and white goods is a priority for us.

At present this service is provided by a mix of contractors and takes up to 7 days from the date you contact us.

Click here for a bulk uplift form


Or call us on 0141 583 4102/e-mail to admin@paisleyha.org.uk

Put your items for uplift

  • at the rear or side of a house

  • at the backcourt for flats

but, please, NOT up against the building as this could create a fire risk.

Please note that this service does not cover

  • bags of garden waste or household refuse-that has to go into the bins provided by Renfrewshire Council

  • bulk up lifts from commercial factored owners


For any enquires about the service please contact us on 0141 583 4104


Go green and recycle

Project OSKAR is always looking for white goods to recycle (they cannot be used once put outside). Call 0141 847 6626 and they will collect your old appliance from inside your home. Help someone else out!

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