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Our Properties. 
Paisley South Housing Association has over 1200 properties to rent located within Foxbar, Glenburn, the South, West End & Town Centre areas of Paisley. These properties are a mixture of tenement flats, own door flats, high rise flats and terraced houses. A list of our property addresses are detailed on our current properties page - click here for this information. The Association has a Letting Standard for the properties re-lets. Click here for this information.

The Association has around 150 homes becoming available for re-let each year.

Who can apply for housing
Anyone aged 16 or over may apply to the Association. Our Allocations policy is a Group and Priority system, where applicants are placed in a group and given a prioity based on their housing needs.

If you wish to apply for housing with our Association, you must attend a Housing Options appointment. You can do this by calling 0141 840 5014 to speak with Lesley Forsyth or 0141 840 5019 to speak with Jordan Allan.

Once you have an appointment booked with us you can utilise our 'sit and wait' service if you wish to try and be seen sooner than the date of your appointment. You would require to telephone the office the day you wish to come in (with all your documents as per the confirmation letter you would have received) to check is there are appointments on that day. You would then be able to come to the office and 'sit and wait'. All applicants are given until 10 past the hour to show for their appointment. Is they do not show then it would be possible for you to be seen but this would be on a first come first served basis.

This has been put in place due to a number of people not turning up for appointments.

Click here for a full copy of our Housing Allocations Policy.

Processing your application 
When you apply for a house, your application will be processed and the information you provide will be used to assess your housing needs. We would normally process this within 10 calendar days and you will receive a letter detailing the Group, Priority, Award Date, House size and Areas you are being considered for.

Mutual Exchanges 
You can also request to exchange your home by mutual agreement with either anotherPSHA tenant, another Housing Association tenant or Council tenant.

How to Increase your chances of finding a Mutual Exchange

Renfrewshire Council also have a Mutual Exchange Register called Home Exchange that is Renfrewshire wide. You can register your property via their website www.renfrewshire.gov.uk or visit their shop at 7a Moss Street, Paisley, PA1 1BG. For further information you can telephone them on 0300 300 0222.

Right of Access to information 
Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to see personal data held on you whether in manual or computer records. The Association charges an administration fee of £10 to cover the costs of complying with a formal request under the Act


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