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As Paisley Housing Association follows the guidelines set by SFHA and GWSF for the range of information that we publish, we have compiled a list of information which may be useful and have linked where this information is provided on our web-site.

Information Category                               

What Should Be Available                                                                                                                                


Right of Access to Information

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to see personal data held on you whether in manual or computer records. The Association charges an administration fee of £10 to cover the costs of complying with a formal request under the Act

About Us: who we are and what we do (Charter Outcome 2)

Membership Register, Registers of Interests and of Gifts and

Hospitality should be available for inspection at the RSL’s office during normal opening hours.


Descriptions of who you are: Vision, Values, Corporate

Objectives; area(s) of operation; key activities; strategic/ corporate place

Location and Opening Arrangements:

Address, telephone numbers for general enquiries (and indicated lines where appropriate); opening times; contact arrangements; local/area office contact details

List of Governing Body Members, including office-bearing responsibilities

List of Senior Management Team including professional biography and Contact numbers

Organisational Structure showing reporting arrangements

Constitutional Documents:  Rules and Registration numbers   including FCA.

Membership Policy

How to become part of the Governing Body

Relationships with Regulators and statement about engagement level.

Codes of Conduct for Staff and MC

Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy

Group Details: information about e.g. subsidiaries if part of a Group

Key Partnerships: including with other associations or local authority(ies)

How key decisions are made

(Charter Outcome 2)

Description of role of Governing Body; including  governance structure chart and information about levels of delegation to staff, standing orders 

Tenant Consultation/Engagement Arrangements: composition of Tenant Scrutiny Panel

Consultation Reports (i.e. noting the outcome of any recent consultations with tenants/others) "This will be reported in our Latest News"

Business Plan or summary

What has been Decided: minutes or notes of governing body meetings

Where the money comes from and how it’s spent

(Charter outcome 13)

Description of funding sources:  income (anticipated to be rents, service and  factoring charges) and expenditure  information (including donations to other organisations).  (included in the Annual Report – Page 3)

Audited accounts

Brief details of any project funding and how it’s being spent. (Note - this will be included in our Annual Report each year, if applicable).

How we deliver Value for Money (included in Annual Report – Page 7)

How we provide services

(Charter Outcome 4)

List of Services Provided

Front Line Staff Contact Details  

How to report a repair; apply for a house; get information about tenancy support; make a complaint, speak to a housing officer etc - all information on the web-site under appropriate sub heading.

How we consult with tenants and other customers to inform and improve service delivery and develop new services.  (This information will be in our Latest News sub heading.)

Who we work with, including contractors and our agreements with them

(Charter Outcome 4)

Information about key service delivery contractors  e.g. responsive repairs, landscape maintenance, planned/cyclical maintenance.

Information about regulated procurement contracts awarded (value, scope, duration); it would be possible to present this information as part of the ARC report

Right to Repair Information  See page 2.

Procurement Policy

Information on how to tender for work  

How we measure and report performance (Charter Outcome 2)

ARC Report to Tenants

Performance Standards

KPIs and Performance Reports

Benchmarking Information (where available and appropriate)

Complaints Policy, Guidance and Forms

Complaints Reports: included in Annual report Page 8

Key Policies

(Charter Outcomes 1 & 2)

In deciding the key policies that should be publicly available.

Reference has been made to the Charter outcomes and to the EIRs

Allocations (Charter Outcomes 1,7,8,9, 10)

Adaptations (Charter Outcomes 1& 5)

Anti-Social Behaviour (Charter Outcome 6) (Neighbour relations policy)

Arrears Management (Charter Outcomes 7,8,9)

Customer Care

Equality and Diversity (Charter Outcome 1)

Estate Management (Charter Outcome 6)


Repairs (Charter Outcome 5)  

Tenancy Sustainment (Charter Outcome 11)  

 If there is something that you are interested in seeing but it isn’t included in this list, please contact us.


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