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Paying Your Rent

Paying Your Rent & Service Charges

The money that you pay for rent and service charges pays for all repairs that the Association’s properties need, it also helps to pay for the other housing services which Paisley Housing Association provides. Therefore, it is vital that your rent is paid on time.

Your rent is due monthly in advance on or before the 28th day of each month. You can make as many payments as you wish i.e. weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or by calendar month.

If a tenant is experiencing difficulty in making a payment of rent, they should contact our Rents Housing Officers immediately Click here for our staff contact details.

You can also Text RENT to 07860033754 to request a call and a Rents Housing Officer will call you back.

A Summary of the range of Monthly Rents from 28th March 2017 to the 27th March 2018 are:


Range of Monthly Rent Charges

1 apt


2 apt

£303.05 - £347.32

3 apt

£316.62 - £393.01

4 apt

£335.54 - £428.26

5 apt

£407.74 - £444.19



Monthly Service charges

Service charges for Oliphant Court


Close Cleaning 


Close Cleaning - Gordon Street

£8.22 - £9.25

Bulk Uplift (All other properties excluding Orchy Crescent and Mannering Road 17-41)


Bulk Uplift with Bin Assistance (Orchy Crescent and Mannering Road 17-41) 


Garden Maintenance – Ground floor with 4 or 6 in block


Garden Maintenance –  Others floors with 4 or 6 in a block in the close


For our other closes without front gardens

£5.43 - £10.84

Individual Gardens





Rent Payment Card

All new tenants will be requested to make payment of rent and service charges for 1 month at the time of signing for the tenancy.

A rent payment card will be ordered and this will be sent to the tenant at their tenancy address. Any tenant who has lost their payment card and uses it as a means of making payments should contact the office where a replacement will be ordered free of charge.

Ways to Pay Your Rent and Service Charge

Internet/Online If you want to pay your rent and service charge online, please click here http://www.allpayments.net/ to be redirected and you can use your bank debit / credit and switch (maestro) card.

Allpay Card Use the rent payment card (that we issue at the beginning of your tenancy) to pay by cash, debit or credit card at one of over 23,000 Paypoint outlets where the Paypoint symbol is displayed. You can also use at any Post Office.

For more Paypoint outlet details please visit www.paypoint.co.uk/paypointlocator

To find your nearest Post Officer branch please visit www.postoffice.co.uk/branch-finder

Direct Debit We can provide you with a form for you to instruct your bank to make payments by this method; Click here for the Direct Debit form. Alternatively we can set up your direct debit by telephone with you. To set this up telephone 0141 889 7105 (select option 3)  

Direct Debit is the Association’s preferred method of payment as it means that if the amount of rent you are due to pay changes, we can change your direct debit amount for you. We will never change the amount you have to pay without giving you at least 15 days’ notice. You will also be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee should there be any problems with your payment. Even if you pay by Direct Debit you are still always in control of your payments and can stop direct debit payments at any time should you wish to change your method of payment.

Standing Order Some tenants like to pay their rent and service charge by Standing Order on a weekly, 4 weekly or monthly basis. If you would like more information about this please contact your Rents Housing Officer (Details of your Rent Housing Officer can be found in Related Pages - Living in your Home) We will then provide you with the form that you should complete and take to your bank

Credit / Debit Cards /Switch Using your credit /debit/switch card and calling on 0844 557 8321. You will hear an automatic script that will guide you through the process of paying your rent. You can also call us to make payment by debit or credit card during our office hours on 0141 889 7105 (select option 3)

By Cheque or Postal Order You can also make a payment by cheque or postal order. This should be sent directly to the Association, ensuring that your name and address are clearly written on the back.

Via Mobile Phone  (Apple or Android smartphones) Using Allpay App - which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for use on your apple or android smartphone to pay quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Payment by Text You will need a UK registered mobile phone and a valid allpay swipe card. If you wish to pay by text, click here to register online, update registration or to find out more about this service.

Rent Arrears

If you experience difficulties making your rent and service charge payments, please contact us immediately.

The Association expects the rent and any service charges to be paid on or before the 28th of the month, one month in advance. If you are unable to make payment on the 28th of the month, you should contact your Rents Housing Officer without delay.

The sooner you notify us, the sooner the Association can assist you and help to avoid substantial arrears accumulating and the possibility of any legal action being taken.

When you contact the Association, a suitable repayment arrangement will be agreed between you and the Association. The Association will ensure when an arrangement is made, it is reasonable and within your means, taking into account any other debts, you may wish to discuss.

Once you agree an arrangement with the Association and continue to make the payments as agreed, the Association will not take legal action.

Services to assist you

We have a Welfare Benefits Officer, Alan Graham, who can carry out an assessment of your benefit entitlement, you can contact Alan directly on 0141 583 4123.

We also have an Energy Advisor Ben Wilson, who can give advice on energy savings, tariff and supplier switching and assist with applications for Warm Home Discount. You can contact Ben directly on 0141 840 5018. 

Housing Benefit Some tenants will have their rent and services paid fully by Housing Benefit. Please note all services are not Housing Benefit eligible. If you are in any doubt about whether a service is HB eligible please ask the Rents Housing Officer for your area.

If you do not receive Housing Benefit and feel that you may be entitled to this please contact the Association, where our staff will be happy to advise you.

You can also click here to a Housing Benefit Calculator for an estimate of how much Housing Benefit entitlement you may have.

If you receive, or are applying for Housing Benefit, it is important that you contact Renfrewshire Council’s Housing Benefit Section on 0300 3000 204 (select option 1), to report any changes in circumstances. This will ensure that you will receive the Housing Benefit that you are entitled to and will reduce the possibility of you being either overpaid or underpaid benefit. The onus is always upon you to ensure that your Housing Benefit is in payment and that all information is provided when asked for. If your Housing Benefit is stopped for any reason, then you are responsible to pay the full rental charge, including any service charges, for your property. 

Universal Credit

Some tenants will be entitled to receive Universal Credit payments to help with their rent and service charges. If you would like advice on your entitlement to Universal Credit please contact our Welfare Benefits Officer Alan Graham on 0141 583 4123.

General Money Advice Guidance

The Government's Money Advice Service provides a range of on-line information including Money Health check, Budget Planner and  general money management. This service is free and confidential. Click here to go to their website.

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