0141 889 7105

What to do if you have an emergency in the common area of your close

DURING THE DAY call the direct repair line on 0141 583 4100.

OUT OF HOURS call 0141 889 7105 and pick the trade you need-your call will be forwarded to the contractor OR you can call the contractors Direct.

What help do you need?

Roof/water leak affecting close


KMS plumber

01505 325 621


Close broken window


Property One

0779 590 2007

Close door-where you cannot get in or out

Alwurk electrician


07910 654 485/         07554 592 253


Close lights –all out at same time

Alwurk electrician

07910 654 485/         07554 592 253


If you need to report a non emergency repair

The easiest way to report a repair is to complete a report a repair form. Or you can:

  • Email tech@paisleyha.org.uk (non-emergency repairs only)
  • Phone us on 0141 583 4100
  • Text REPAIR to 07860033754 and we will call you back

Whenever you contact us, please tell us:

  • Your name, address, postcode, contact phone number and email address
  • Details of the repair

The details of the common repair will be logged. No appointment is needed for a common repair.

We monitor our contractors to make sure they carry out a prompt, quality service.

Anyone visiting the close on our behalf will carry photographic identification. If someone cannot prove who they are:

  • Alert the office immediately 

How long will it take to do the repair?

We prioritise repairs by how urgent they are. Most are Routine repairs which have a target of 8 working days to complete, although many repairs are done in a shorter time. We will update you when you contact us.

Please note that we do not carry out repairs to inside your home.

If you are on the block insurance policy and you have a repair to your property that you think may be covered by this insurance call 01245 341218 for help and a claim form.

If a Paisley Housing Association flat is affecting your home

For example, you are being flooded, then call us during office hours. Or for out of office hours call the Emergency contractors. However please note that it is at the out of hours contractor’s discretion whether to attend and how to charge you (cash/invoice).

Paisley Housing Association will not pay the call out charge; however we will refund your insurance excess, if the damage was the Association’s fault.

Emergency Contractors

  • PLUMBER          01505 325 621 KMS

  • ELECTRICIAN   07910 654 485/ 07554 592 253 Alwurk




Report a Repair

Looking for some help Call us on 0141 889 7105

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