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As the owner of your property you must ensure your property and your share of the communal areas is adequately insured.

To assist you, Paisley Housing Association offers buildings insurance cover to owners whose property is factored by Paisley South Property Services, under our block insurance policy.

Being insured under our policy can help avoid complications, if the worst were to happen. It will also ensure that you have good insurance cover for your share of insurance repairs to the common areas as well as your property itself. The policy covers loss or damage to your property, as a result of, for example, weather (storms, wind, flooding, lightning, extreme cold), purposeful harm (theft, vandalism, arson), and accidents (fire among others).

Our policy runs from 1st April -31st March each year.
If you purchase the block policy, we will administer any common insurance claims on your behalf and only your share of the excess is then recharged through your factoring bills.

As part of the policy, if you have an insured repair to your property, you should liaise directly with the insurance company.  Contact details are provided to owners who insure their factored property through the block policy in April each year.  Alternatively please contact the Finance Officer for details. 

If you would like further information regarding our block buildings insurance, please contact the Finance Officer and they will send you details of our insurance policy. You can contact them by telephone on 0141 889 7105 pressing option 0 (Reception), at the office 64 Espedair St. Paisley, or by email at admin@paisleyha.org.uk 

Please Note: Contents insurance is not included in this policy. We would however urge all owners to ensure their household goods are insured.  

All owners in properties we factor must have buildings insurance.

Paisley HA offers owners receiving our factoring service, through the subsidiary Paisley South Property Services, the option to purchase our block policy insurance. 

See below for frequently asked insurance questions. 

What is buildings insurance?

Building insurance covers damage, caused by one of the insured perils, to a property covered by our block insurance.

This insurance does not cover damage to tenant’s/owner’s own personal property or belongings. 

What does the Buildings Insurance cover?

Building insurance covers damage to the flat or house caused by one of the insured perils during the policy period. 

What are the insured perils?

They include incidents such as a fire, a flood, storm damage and vandalism. The full list of insured perils can be obtained from Sharon Gibb, Finance Officer, Paisley Housing Association.Who can buy the Block Insurance Cover?

Any owners who receive our factoring service can purchase this insurance cover. 

Can shops purchase the Block Insurance Cover?

Yes, as long as we factor your building. 

How much does it cost?

There is a price for owners and a different price for shop owners. The price is reviewed on 1st April each year. Contact Sharon Gibb, Finance Officer for the current price. 

Is there an excess?

Yes there is. The excess is currently £100 per claim. 

Does the insurance cover repairs to the common areas?

If you are on our Block Policy, the repair costs more than the excess and the damage was caused by an insured peril; then yes it will be covered 

Does an excess apply to common repairs?

Yes it does, You will be charged your share of the excess in your factoring bill. 

How do I report a common insurance repair?

You should report the repair to the association on the usual repair line no. 0141 583 4100 and we will take care of the rest. 

How do I report an insurance repair to my own property?

You should contact the insurance company in the first instance, they can provide guidance on how to proceed with your claim.  Contact details are provided to owners in April each year.  Alternatively contact Sharon Gibb, Finance Officer.Do I require quotes for the insured repair?You should contact the insurance company in the first instance, they can provide guidance on how to proceed with your claim.  You may be required to take photos and arrange for 2 quotes on headed paper for the repairs, however if the damage is extensive or the insurance company have queries, they may wish to appoint a loss adjuster or a contractor. 

What should I do in an emergency insurance repair situation?

You do not need to wait to contact the insurer before taking emergency action.  You should take steps to protect your property and prevent further damage BUT you should still then report the claim to the insurer as soon as possible thereafter.

Immediate action or emergency repairs are limited to things like securing a door as opposed to replacing the door, calling a plumber to fix the leak (which would not be covered by the insurance) but not reinstating the water damage, getting a temporary repair to the roof, but not getting the whole roof replaced -  ie not completing full repairs without consulting the insurer first as this could prejudice your claim.

For emergency repairs you can use any tradesman/contractor you choose and quotes aren’t needed as this would delay the process – but you should always ask for costs when making contact with a tradesman who will be attending.  Please note that immediate repairs are on a without prejudice basis and you should make sure you are happy with the costs before agreeing any works to make sure they are reasonable.  If in doubt please check with insurance company as soon as possible.


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