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Paisley South Property Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Paisley Housing Association, provides a factoring service to 287 private owners within tenement closes, where we have ownership, throughout our area of operation. PSPS is registered as a property factor in accordance with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011. Our property factor registration number is PF000305.  

Our factoring service covers areas such as:
• Common Repairs
• Lighting within closes 
• Landscape maintenance of common areas
• Buildings Insurance (optional) 

To report a common repair please see Report a Common Repair section.

Factored owners pay a quarterly payment to cover the administration costs. The cost of any common repairs and services are also invoiced quarterly or depending on what is specified within their Title Deeds. 

Many owners choose to have their buildings insurance though Paisley HA and this is also charged though the factoring bill, in the May invoice. If you currently have building insurance with another provider and would like to take advantage of our block insurance policy or just want further information on buildings insurance, please see  Owners Building Insurance section.

The factoring service is delivered by a team of staff. Factoring accounts and common area inspections and changes of ownership are dealt with by Steffani McDonald

There are 2 areas:-

Area 1 

West Town Centre Foxbar
Argyle Street Causeyside Street Orchy Crescent
Broomlands Street Johnstone Street Gryffe Crescent
  Gordon Street  
  Stevenson Street  

Area 2 

South  Foxbar
Alice Street Mannering Road
Barterholm Road Oliphant Crescent
Braids Road Heriot Avenue
Neilston Road  
Stock Street  

Owners can report common repairs by using our Repairs Line Number 0141 583 4100 or by selecting option 1 if telephoning the office main telephone number 0141 889 7105, e-mailing us on admin@paisleyha.org.uk or through website.

Please click here for our Factoring Information Leaflet.


Your key responsibilities as owner and our key responsibilities as factor are noted below.

Your responsibilities are:
• Shared responsibility with other owners in the building for the maintenance of all common parts (including gardens and common landscaped areas). You are also responsible for your share of costs relating to the upkeep of these areas.
• Shared responsibility with other owners in the building to keep common areas clean and tidy. 
• Limit the noise you make. A common cause of friction between neighbours is noise. We would ask that consideration towards your neighbours be shown by not playing radios, compact disc players and televisions too loudly.
• Pay your factoring bills on time.

Our responsibilities to you are:
• To organise repairs & maintenance to common areas on behalf of owners.
• To co-ordinate payment of common services, such as common close electricity, on behalf of owners 
• To ensure all owners have adequate buildings insurance
• To liaise with owners over arranging for planned maintenance within in the building.

Further information on your responsibilities may be contained in the Title Deeds for your property. You should seek legal advice from your solicitor about the precise content of the Title Deeds.

Owners Participation


We would like to hear from you about the ways you wish to participate in our decision making processes.  If you are interested in giving us your views or want to get involved in an owners group please contact our Factoring Assistant Steffani on 0141 840 5017 or admin@paisleyha.org.uk.

Other services provided to factored owners include:

1. Bulk Uplift Service

How this works

Each uplift requested will be charged to the owner of the property at £35 per uplift + VAT for up to 25 items.
If we identify a bulk uplift required at a factored close and we cannot identify the owner of the items, we will carry out the uplift and recharge all owners in the close a share of the £35 + VAT fee as per owners title deeds.
For further information regarding our bulk uplift service, please contact our Factoring Assistant Steffani McDonald on 0141 840 5017.   

2. Welfare Benefits Service

Click the above to get the relevant information.

3. Close Cleaning and Garden Maintenance

We offer an optional Close Cleaning and Garden Maintenance Service, for more information on these services please contact our Factoring Assistant Steffani McDonald on 0141 840 5017.

If you wish to make an enquiry, please go to the 'Contact Us' section and complete enquiry form.

Care and Repair Renfrewshire provides free and practical advice and assistance to people who are older and have disabilities. Talk to them about small repairs, improvements, or adaptations that you need to help you remain in your own home rather than having to move. Click here for Care & Repair leaflet.

Please see below some Frequently Asked Questions about Factoring.  

What does my factoring fee cover?

This fee represents the annual cost of administering and carrying out various property management duties. This includes preparing quarterly factoring invoices, organising common repairs and services on behalf of owners, including cyclical repairs such as gutter cleaning, arranging buildings insurance, dealing with estate management problems, carrying out procedures to recover unpaid monies and dealing with enquiries regarding all these. 

How can I pay my factoring bills?

You can pay in a number of ways.

  • By Cheque
  • Using your Allpay card 
    1. at any post office 
    2. at any shop where the Paypoint symbol is shown
  •  via the internet at www.allpayments.net
  •  by telephone on 0844 557 8321 24/7 or 0141 889 7105 PSHA office number
  • By direct debit
  • By standing order
  • At the office.

See www.allpayments.net for your nearest store that takes accepts payment through Allpay. 

What can the Association do about a dispute with a neighbour or anti-social behaviour?
Every resident (owner or tenant) should be able to enjoy living in their home without nuisance or annoyance from other residents.

Unfortunately, on occasions a dispute may occur between you and your neighbour. If this happens your first step should be to approach the person concerned and try to sort out the problem in a neighbourly way. More than one attempt may be needed. It is recognised that some individuals may be awkward to approach.

If the situation does not improve, you should write to the Association describing the events that have led to the complaint and any action taken to date. Your name may not be revealed

The Association's staff will talk to all those involved and try to resolve the problem using support such as mediation.

A common cause of friction between neighbours is noise. We would ask that consideration towards your neighbours be shown by not playing radios, compact disc players and televisions too loudly.

Please note that excessive noise can be deemed a nuisance at any time of the day or night.

Other forms of anti-social behaviour would include: vandalism, graffiti, allowing pets to cause nuisance, etc. It should be noted that owners who indulge in anti-social behaviour can also be the subject of an ASBO.

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