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Oak Tree Housing Association has joined forces with www.houseexchange.org.uk, the United Kingdom’s fastest growing mutual exchange provider.

Oak Tree Housing Association’s arrangements with Homeswapper have ended. So to continue searching for a mutual exchange you will need to register on the new service House Exchange.

House Exchange is an easy to use website and matches your property to other likeminded individuals who are also looking to mutual exchange.

The unique ‘3 Way Matching Tool’ is on House Exchange, this will help you identify even more suitable swaps further increasing your chances of finding a move.

Oak Tree Housing Association subscribes to House Exchange on your behalf therefore you won’t have to pay a penny to use the service.  Registration to House Exchange is quick and easy, all you need to do is fill in the online registration form and select the Oak Tree logo once you have clicked submit on the first page of registration.

When you sign in to your account you may notice that the logo displayed is the Inverclyde Common Housing Register logo, this is correct.  Oak Tree Housing Association is a member of the Inverclyde Common Housing Register who will be managing the House Exchange service on their behalf.

If you need assistance registering with House Exchange please contact a member of the Inverclyde Common Housing Register team on 01475 807011 or by using the contact facility on the ICHR website.

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