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Tenant participation and involvement has been built into our decision making process for many years and will continue to do so in the future. The Social Housing Charter requires all housing associations to put tenants at the heart of everything they do when making decisions about the services they receive. The Association set up a new tenant focus group in October 2013 to drive our engagement with tenants. The group is still developing and more details on its role and remit, and how it will operate will be published as discussions go forward.

Who can join the Tenant Focus Group?

Membership of the Group is open to tenants of the Association. The current group has been drawn from people who told us they wanted to be involved in discussions with us during a recent tenant survey. Meetings were arranged and some of those tenants have agreed to be part of the group.

At the moment, Management Committee members will not be part of the Group as it needs to represent tenants’ views. The Committee are very supportive of the role of the Group however, and will take the views of the Group into account when making decisions.

So, what would being a Tenant Focus Group member involve?

The role of the Group is tied into the Charter. It will give us feedback about how we are doing, help us deal with weaknesses, co-ordinate engagement activities (events, surveys, for example) and act as a sounding board for the new plans. It will decide what we need to review and how to do it. This may mean full access to our services like being involved in physical inspections, seeing how systems work in our office, mystery shopping,....


the possibilities are open ended. The group members will decide what they want to look at and how they wish to do this.

Issues we have worked on together are:

  • Developing our ways of involving customers
  • Planning to tackle issues that are causing concern in your community – dog fouling, maintaining standards in our closes and looking at access to allotments.
  • Developing our use of social media

More details are published in our regular newsletters.

Your Right to Consultation

In accordance with our Customer Engagement Strategy and your rights under your tenancy agreement, we are committed to consulting tenants regarding possible changes in our policies or services. We will consult you about making or changing:

  • Policies regarding housing management, repairs and maintenance
  • Proposals for changes in rent and service charges;
  • Proposals for the sale or transfer of your house to another landlord;
  • Decisions about the information to be provided relating to our standards of housing management and performance;
  • Performance standards or targets in relation to housing management repairs and maintenance;
  • Our customer engagement strategy.

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