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We try to encourage tenants to get involved in their community so that they can have a say in the services they receive and the community they live in.

Tenant Participation Strategy


  • We provide tenants with as much information as possible about our services, our policies and our plans.  We try to provide this information in ways that can be easily understood by everyone.  One of the ways we provide information is by sending quarterly newsletters.  


  • If we are planning to do any improvements to your house we will consult you.  We will also consult with tenants and tenants’ groups if we are thinking about changing any of our policies or services.  

Seeking your views

  • We believe our services should be designed to meet you priorities.  We therefore try to make it easy for tenants to comment on the service they receive.  We do this by surveying tenants and sending out repairs satisfaction slips etc, comments cards in our reception area and through the comments section on our website.  

Funding for Tenant Participation

  • We will set aside a separate budget for tenant participation every year.  This will be used to develop and support tenants’ groups, to provide training and to improve how we deal with tenant participation.  

Getting Started

  • If you are thinking about starting up a tenants’ group talk to us.  We will advise you how to set up a group.  We can also put you in touch with workers in other agencies who may be able to help get you started.  We can also get leaflets sent out so that you can let other tenants know about your plans.  We can also help you to arrange meetings.  

Start Up Grants

  • We can provide Start-Up Grants to groups of tenants who would like to set up a properly organised tenants’ group.  The group will need to make sure the money is used properly and to keep records of how it is spent.  

Annual Grants

  • Once a group is up and running it can apply every year for a grant.  The amount of grant will depend on how many of our houses the group covers and availability of resources.

 Recognition for Groups

  • We treat tenants’ groups as important bodies.  We will consult them and involve them in any plans for improvements in their areas.  Our staff will be happy to meet with groups on a regular basis to discuss what’s going on in their areas.  

Other Ways of Getting Involved  

  • While we are keen to promote and assist formal tenants groups, we believe that it is more important that we provide tenants with a range of ways they can participate so they can choose the option that is best for them. These can range from a one-off close meeting to regular street meetings or area meeting if required.  Whatever option you choose, our aim is to give you as great a say as we can.

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