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If you live in a flat, following a few simple rules can make life more enjoyable for everyone:


  • Take your turn at cleaning the stairs and common areas

  • Keep any pets under control at all times

  • Close gates and doors behind you, particularly doors in blocks with controlled entry systems

  • Keep an eye on your children and don’t let them be a nuisance to neighbours.

  • Be tolerant of moderate noise from other flats

  • Ensure visitors to your home enter and leave the property quietly, particularly late at night.

  • Put your rubbish into the bins provided at the back court area and put out the bins on the appropriate day for cleansing services,

  • Wipe clean windows and window sills on common landings.


  • Play music, TV etc. at loud volume, especially late at night

  • Leave bikes, etc., or other items cluttering up or blocking stairs

  • Leave rubbish on the stairs as this may be a fire hazard

  • Wedge open door entry systems

  • Let anybody into the block if you don’t know who they are

  • Use household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners late at night.

Problems With Neighbours

Problems with neighbours can range from noisy parties to in the worst cases criminal activity. Anti-social behaviour can make life very difficult for people living in the area and we want to stop it whenever we can.

If you are having problems with a neighbour try to discuss things with them first. They may not know that they are causing a problem. Most things can be sorted amicably if parties approach the problem in a calm and open way and are both willing to compromise if possible.

If a friendly word does not work and the problem persists or you’re worried about approaching a neighbour please contact the office. They will discuss the problem with you and make every effort to sort matters out.

Remember that we deal with complaints in confidence and your details will not be discussed or passed to a third party without your knowledge and consent.

Dealing With Anti-Social Complaints

Housing staff will visit everybody involved in a dispute and try and resolve the situation. If mediation does not work and problems continue then we may have to consider court action against the tenants concerned.

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort problems or to take court action. It is a big help therefore if tenants who are affected by anti-social behaviour keep notes and a diary of dates and times when the incidents occurred.

Remember that you should call the Police if a neighbour is threatening you or if neighbours are causing a breach of the peace. These types of incident are Police matters and should be reported to them for assistance.

If it is someone who owns their house or is the tenant of another landlord who is causing the problem we may not be able to take action against them. We will, however, give you all the advice and support we can.

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