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Prevention of Rent Arrears

If you are having financial difficulties contact the office to speak to the Housing Management team as soon as possible to prevent an arrear occurring in your rent account.

Appointments can be made to see our Welfare Benefits Officer who is trained in;


  • Helping you to receive full entitlement to Housing Benefit
  • Giving you welfare and debt advice or sign posting / making a referral to an independent advice agency
  • Carrying out an income / benefit health check to maximise your income
  • assist with reviews and appeals of benefit decisions
  • Independent debt advice and negotiation with creditors and bankruptcy guidance.


 As well as checking to see if you are eligible for any benefits, we will make a reasonable arrangement with you to pay what you owe. Once you make an arrangement, it is very important that you keep to it and make regular payments. We will always try to deal sympathetically with you if you are having financial problems. However, if you do not maintain agreements to pay rent and arrears then Lochfield Park, will, as a last resort take legal action. This could result if eviction.  


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