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When You Should Pay Rent

Rent is due every calendar month payable in advance by the tenant on or before the 28th of each month.

Ways to Pay Rent

We offer easy and convenient ways to pay rent;

  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Order
  • Rent Card at PayPoint or Payzone outlet
  • Rent Card at the Post Office
  • In office payments
  • Telphone payments by calling the office on 0141 771 228
  • Allypay Payment App
  • Online www.allpayments.net 


If you have a smartphone or tablet then paying your rent couldn’t be any easier. Just download the Allpay Payment App. Making payments this way is easy and more importantly– fast!


Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is available to help people meet the cost of rent when they are finding it difficult to pay themselves. Anyone can apply for Housing Benefit whether you are working, unemployed, on other benefits or not. The amount of benefit you get depends on the amount of money coming into your home, your savings and the numbers and ages of people in your house. If you are on Income Support and live alone in your house then you will normally get all of your rent paid. However, if there are other adults living in the house this may affect the amount of Housing Benefit you receive.

It is important that you notify the Housing Benefit Section immediately of any change in your household circumstances, as it is often very difficult to get a claim backdated particularly when information has not been provided to the Housing Benefit Section on time.

Points to Remember

  • Anyone can apply for Housing Benefit:
  • You should make a claim as soon as you can as it is difficult to get a claim backdated.
  • The amount of Housing Benefit you get will depend on the money coming into your house, your savings, and the number and ages of the people in your house.
  • You must notify Housing Benefit Section of any change in household circumstances immediately.
  • You must complete and return, on time, any Housing Benefit forms sent to you by the Council If you change address, you must notify the Department of Works & Pensions (previously D.S.S)


If you require any assistance with any aspects of your housing benefit claim please contact Paul Harrison, Welfare Benefits Officer, at the office on 0141 771 2228.


Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that due rent is paid on time whether that is by yourself or through Housing Benefit.

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In this Section

  • Problems Paying RentProblems Paying Rent

    If you are having difficulties finding the money to pay your rent, you should get in touch with Lochfield Park straight away. As well as checking to see if you are eligible for any benefits, we will make a sensible arrangement with you to pay what you owe.

    Once you make an arrangement, it is very important that you keep to it and make regular payments.

    We will always try to deal sympathetically with you if you are having financial problems. However, if you do not maintain agreements to pay rent and arrears then Lochfield Park, will, as a last resort take legal action. This could result if eviction.  

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