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Tenants of Lochfield Park Housing Association may arrange mutual exchanges within Association properties or with tenants of other social landlords e.g. council tenants, or other housing association tenants.

Information For Mutual Exchange

  • Tenants must have occupied their properties for at least 12 months before being eligible to apply for mutual exchange.

  • Tenants wishing to apply for mutual exchange must obtain and complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form available from the Association office.

  • Parties wishing to exchange must have conducted their tenancies in a satisfactory manner in line with the Association’s Tenancy Agreement.

  • Mutual Exchanges will not be approved where the exchange would result in any overcrowding or under occupancy by more than one room.

  • Any necessary repairs or replacements which are the responsibility of the outgoing tenant must be carried out to the Association’s satisfaction before an exchange can proceed.

  • Parties wishing to exchange must have a clear rent account at the time of exchange and 3 months prior to application.

  • Any recoverable repair charges must be cleared prior to an exchange being approved.

  • If an exchange is approved both parties must wait until formal notification in writing is given.

  • Exchange must take place within 4 weeks of approval being given. Failure to take up residence within 4 weeks will result in approval being withdrawn and new tenancies being ended.

  • Both tenants must continue to reside at their new address for at least six months after the date of exchange. In the event of either party vacating their new tenancy then the other party shall be required to move back to their original home. Both parties will be required to sign a statement agreeing to this requirement.

  • In the event of either party giving false or misleading information or deliberately withholding relevant information the mutual exchange will be refused. Should this information come to light after an exchange has been approved then both parties may be required to move back to the address(es) formerly occupied.

  • To comply with landlord obligations under Gas Regulations the Association is required to carry out a gas check whenever a new tenancy is taken up. The cost of these gas checks will be met by the Association, however any other costs incurred as a result of these checks being carried out will be recoverable from the tenants involved.

  • Parties wishing to mutual exchange do so of their own choice and as such are responsible for all costs involved in the exchange. The Association will not become involved in personal issues or agreements between tenants (eg. purchasing items of furniture etc.)

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