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  • Alterations and ImprovementsAlterations and Improvements

    Are you thinking of carrying out any home improvements?

    Should you wish to change, alter or renew any elements within your home, then it is important that you receive permission from the Association prior to any works commencing. An Alterations & Improvement form can be collected from our office, or you can download one from the Related Documents section of this page.

    Listed below are some examples of where permisssion should be sought:

    • Installation of Satellite Dish
    • Renewing Kitchen/Bathroom
    • Renewing Doors
    • Fitting Shower
    • Tiling to Walls/Floors
    • Any Electrical Works
    • Slabs/Driveways/Fences/Garden Sheds
    • Laminated/Wooden Flooring
    • Replacing Heating Systems
    • Building Fabric Works

    Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, however we must ensure all works are completed to a high quality standard, and that all regulations and conditions are complied with. It should be noted that some works may even require permission from other bodies, eg Planning/Building Control.

    You should be aware that you may be asked to remove non-standard items, should you terminate your tenancy.

    If you require clarification on any of the above, or further information, please contact our Property Services Section.

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  • Emergency Repair NumbersEmergency Repair Numbers

    01294 468113 (Gas Heating)

    0844 247 2120 (all other emergency repairs)

    0141 643 3744  (Planned Maintenance emergency repairs)

    0845 606 1555 (Emergency repairs to newbuild properties built within 1 year)

    If you have an emergency gas heating repair when the office is closed you should telephone the out of hours repairs service on 01294 468 113. For all other emergency repairs you should telephone 0844 247 2120

    Please note the above service is for emergency repairs only – all other repairs should be reported to the Association either in person, by telephone or by email. Examples of emergency repairs are listed on pages 49 to 51 of the Association’s Tenants Handbook which can also be accessed from the Related Documents section of this page.


    If your home has had planned maintenance works completed within the past 12 months, any repairs in relation to these works should be reported to the planned maintenance contractor CCG on 0141 643 3744

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  • Gas Servicing InformationGas Servicing Information

    As with all landlords, we are required by law to carry out servicing of all our gas appliances within your home on an annual basis.

    In the interests of Health & Safety, we arrange our programme on a 11 month cycle to ensure none of our properties are without a valid gas safety certificate. The gas service will highlight any defects, and we will ensure all appropriate steps are taken to rectify any faults as soon as possible.

    It is therefore extremely important that we work together to ensure access to your property. You will be notified in advance of the date when your gas servicing will be carried out. Should this date be inconvenient for whatever reason, we ask that you contact our office as soon as possible to arrange another appointment.

    If we continue to be unable to gain access to your home to carry out the service, we will arrange for your Gas Supply to be capped. If your Gas Meter is located within your home then access will be forced. Should this action be necessary, it may result in any associated costs (eg forcing entry) being recharged to yourself.

    The above situation is easily avoided by contacting us as early as possible and our staff will do their best to arrange a mutually convenient access arrangement.

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  • Rechargeable RepairsRechargeable Repairs

    When are tenants charged for repairs?

    We work hard to try to ensure our homes of a high quality standard, yet we appreciate that through wear and tear, there are elements of repair works that require to be carried out.

    However we occasionally come across situations when damage has been caused by neglect. Examples include holes in doors, smashed windows, lost keys. Should this be the case, then the cost of the repair is recharged to the tenant.

    For further information, please see our Rechargeable Repairs Policy below.

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  • Report a RepairReport a Repair


    Please provide the following details in order that we can attend to your repair. Or if you prefer, you can phone us or call into the office during office hours.

    Note: Please do not report emergency repairs using this system as it may not be responded to in time. To report an emergency repair outwith office hours, please refer to the Emergency Contact Numbers page which can be accessed via the Related Pages section of this page 


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