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Hillhead Housing Association 2000 can help tenants and residents obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable.

While many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly.

With a special scheme arranged and administered by Thistle Tenant Risks, HHA tenants and residents can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens they have cover.

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Information is also available directly from our office:
Contact: 0141 578 0200 or Email admin@hillheadhousing.org

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  • RentRent

    Pay Your Rent

    For tenants’ convenience the Association has a variety of ways which allows you to pay your rent:

    You can pay in our office by cash, cheque and we now accept debit cards.

    You can now make payments over the phone using your debit card by calling 0141 578 0200

    You can also make payments online through AllPay using your debit card. Just visit www.allpay.net/allpayments with your rent payment card handy.

    AllPay have ensured that their website is secure and that the service is as easy to use as possible but if you run into difficulties, please email allpayments@allpay.net

    You can pay at any Post Office, shop or garage that displays the PayPoint logo using your rent payment card.

    Standing Order
    We can send you out a Standing Order form to complete or you can download one from the Related Resources below. This will allow you to arrange for your rent to come out your bank on the same day each month.

    If you do not have a rent card, please contact our office on 0141 578 0200 and we will arrange to send you one out.


    The Association has a Welfare Rights Officer who can check your entitlement to benefits and help with claims and appeals. It may be that you are entitled to Housing Benefit and have not been claiming. Perhaps you have had problems with benefit claims which has led to rent arrears. Help is available to resolve these issues.

    If you want to find out more, you can access the Welfare Rights Page via the Related Pages section of this page

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  • Apply for a HouseApply for a House

    Hillhead Housing Association 2000 is a community Housing Association. We own over 800 houses in the Hillhead area of Kirkintilloch ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom town houses.

    Anyone aged 16 or over can apply to us for housing. To obtain an application form, you can either collect one from our office or we can send it by post or e-mail.  Or you can download one from the Related Documents section of this page.

    If assistance is required, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

    When you apply for a house, your application will be logged and you will receive an acknowledgement letter within 3 days. Thereafter your application will be processed and the information you provide will be used to assess your housing needs and calculate your points. We would normally process this within 28 days and you will receive a letter detailing any points you have been awarded.

    If you require to submit information relating to support or access needs, a Health and Access Needs Assessment Form should be completed. This form is available on request from our office or alternatively you can download it from the Related Documents section of this page.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any queries regarding your housing application.

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  • A Guide for Tenants on the Work of the RegulatorA Guide for Tenants on the Work of the Regulator

    A Guide for Tenants on the Work of the Regulator

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  • Information about your TenancyInformation about your Tenancy

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  • Mutual Exchange Mutual Exchange

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  • Tenancy Support ServiceTenancy Support Service

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  • Welfare RightsWelfare Rights

    Hillhead Housing Association 2000 is working in partnership with Antonine Housing Association to provide a welfare rights service to our tenants and other residents.

    This is a free and confidential service which can help with a variety of benefit matters.

    It is possible that there may be benefits that you could be entitled to and are not aware of, or you may feel that the rate of benefits which you are in receipt of is not correct. Or perhaps you are working, but on a low income, and are finding it difficult to manage your finances. You may be on benefits, but are having trouble with the DWP, struggling with sanctions, or would just like help to complete a form.

    If this is the case, our team of Welfare Rights Officers, Moira Escreet and Morag Bisset, are here to help.

    Our Welfare Rights Officers are trained to give advice on benefit entitlement and to assist in the claims process; whether it is making a claim over the phone, helping you to fill in a form, assisting you to appeal a decision you disagree with, or representing you at a benefit appeal.

    Since coming into post in August 2005, Moira Escreet, has already dealt with more than 1,500 cases per year regarding a whole range of different benefits. She has assisted many of these with new claims for benefit or helped them deal with problems relating to existing claims.

    In September 2014, Hillhead Housing Association was awarded grant funding from the Big Lottery Fund which allowed them to extend the Welfare Rights Service, and Morag came onboard. The additional role will allow the service to reach even more people who are facing financial hardship caused by the welfare reforms.

    Moira and Morag can help with any benefit query, including pensions, housing and council tax benefits, jobseeker’s allowance and the various disability benefits, and tax credits. 

    Since the service began in 2005, the weekly income for tenants and local residents has increased by over £30,000, which means more than £2.2million going back into the local community. Rent arrears have been reduced by 29% due to the actions of the service-requesting backdates on awards, and assisting tenants to claim money to help cover shortfalls caused by the ‘bedroom tax’. An overall lump sum total of more than £596,000 has so far been achieved largely as a result of applications for grants and backdated benefit payments.

    If you would like help with your benefits, or are unsure as to whether or not you could qualify, please contact our welfare rights officers:

    Moira Escreet 0141 776 8630 or moira@hillheadhousing.org
    Morag Bisset 0141 776 8631 or morag@hillheadhousing.org

    If you are not able to attend either the Hillhead or Antonine office for an appointment, arrangements could be made to visit you in your home.

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