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Gardeen Housing Association operates an open housing list. All applicants aged 16 years or over are entitled to apply and have their application assessed.

The Association is a member of a Common Housing Register. Gardeen works in partnership with Calvay Housing Association, Easthall Park Housing Co-operative, Lochfield Park Housing Association and operates a common/shared housing allocation policy based on groups and points.  When you apply for re-housing with us your application will be assessed and placed in to a group, depending on what points you have been allocated.

Applications can be made directly to the Association by completing the Association's application form or through the common housing register system. This means that you can hand your application form to any of the members of the common housing register system to be assessed and if you have selected Gardeen as an area choice you will be added to our housing list.

Click HERE to download a housing application form or contact the office (0141 771 9590) and we will send you one.

If you have any queries regarding allocations then please contact Lyndsay at the office.



Mutual Exchanges will be considered between Gardeen tenants and other RSL tenants.

Click HERE to find out more about how you can apply for a Mutual Exchange.



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