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Competent governance is crucial to running the Association. We have a Governing Management Board consisting of 14 members made up of local tenants, individuals who work or have an interest in the area and appointed members. Our rules allow us to have a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 15 members.  

Our Board Members are all volunteers who give their time, experience and skills to ensure the Association meets its strategic objectives which are set out in our business plan. 

The Board are responsible for the direction and control of the organisation. 

To become a Board member you have to be a shareholder of the Association. Members can be nominated to join the Board and if approved, can be elected on at our Annual General Meeting. 

To become a shareholder of the Association just complete an application form and bring it into the office with the £1 joining fee. The Application Form can be found in our Document Library. 


You can also find more out about our Business Plan by visiting the Document Library. 

Meet the Board of Management

Shona McIntyre - Chairperson - Member

Elaine Carter - Vice Chairperson - Tenant Board Member

Richard Bolton - Board Member

Helen Glassford Board Member

Iain McGhee- Board Member

Andrea McLaughlan- Tenant Board Member

Fiona Murphy- Appointed Member

Stuart Piggott-Tenant Board Member

Julianne Scarlett - Appointed Member

Jim Strang- Appointed Member

Barbara Walker - Co-opted Member

Ian Williams - Board Member

Andy Wilson - Co-opted Member

Louise McNicol - Co-opted Members

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