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A Management Committee elected from the membership runs the Association.  The Management Committee makes all the important decisions about what the Association should be doing and how this should be done.  Staff are employed by the Management Committee to act on these decisions and to carry out the day to day work of the Association

How do I become a Committee Member

Firstly, you must already be a member of the Association. To become a member you need to complete a small application form and pay £1.00. The Management Committee will consider your application and if approved you would then become a Member.

Secondly, the usual way to become a Management Committee Member is to be elected at our Annual General Meeting. This usually happens every September. To stand for election you will need to fill out a Nomination Form and deliver this to the Association’s Office at least 7 days before the meeting. At the meeting your nomination will be raised. If there are more nominations than available places then there will be an election and all the members present will vote for each person. The person with the most votes will be elected.

Alternatively, if you decide you wish to become a Member during the year you can be invited to fill any Casual Vacancies that may exist. You would however need to be formally elected at the following AGM. Thirdly, the Management Committee may ask to co-opt you onto the Management Committee if you have specific skills and knowledge that you could contribute to the running of the Association. No more than 1/3 of the Management Committee may be made up of Co-opted Members.
Faifley Housing Association Committee Members all have a job description that each one of them signs. The main points are listed below: -

  • You must have an interest in the well-being of the local community
  • You must be willing to attend training events
  • You must turn up to meetings on time
  • You must respect the confidentiality of the business of the Association
  • You must work for the benefit of the group without personal interest
  • You must contribute to the work of the Association in a courteous manner
  • You must work hand in hand with the staff
  • Issues and grievances from outside should not influence your contribution to the workings of the Committee
  • You must follow the agreed policies and procedure of Faifley Housing Association.

The Committee

Our current Committee:

  • Megan Harrison - Chairperson
  • Jacqueline Lorimer – Vice Chairperson
  • Paula Cardno - Secretary
  • Robert King - Treasurer
  • Dorothy Drennan
  • Elaine McCabe
  • Rose Ferguson
  • Isobel McAuley
  • Rose McGachy
  • Marion Benson
  • Jim Finn
  • Brenda Cameron

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