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What about Regular Maintenance?

We carry out regular checks and inspections to try to prevent problems before they start. Here are some examples:

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Gutters, drain pipes
  • Close and Stair Lighting
  • Deck access drainage
  • Routine visual inspections
  • Regular inspections of voids/empty houses
  • Roof inspections

Much of this applies only to improved properties:

  • Gas central heating and smoke alarms are inspected every year and repaired as necessary.
  • Gutters are inspected and cleaned every 2 years.
  • Closes and windows are inspected every year and repainted every 5 years.

Regular checks and maintenance reduces costs and inconvenience to tenants.

Recharging for Repairs

Where repairs are considered the responsibility of the tenant, then the cost will be recharged to the tenant. You can make an arrangement to pay these costs up over a period of time. Please contact the Association’s Finance Officer for advice.


If you live in an improved house or a newbuild house, any repairs during the first year are called defects. These are the responsibility of the contractor who built your house. Defects are reported in the same way as other repairs except that the Association is not directly responsible for carrying them out. Some defects may also take longer to make right.

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