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Faifley Housing Association knows that some tenants may face money problems, which may affect their ability to pay rent regularly. If this happens you must get in touch with your Housing Officer as soon as possible.

At the same time if arrears build up due to delay in benefit payment or changes in family circumstances you should contact your Housing Officer.

For independent and confidential advice and assistance with regard to financial problems, tenants can also make an appointment to see our Welfare Benefits Officer who is available on a Tuesday and Thursday morning in our office. 

How can my Housing Officer help?

Your Housing Officer will discuss with you a realistic repayment arrangement and provide advice on any help to which you may be entitled.  It is important to ask for help early in order not to let the arrears get out of hand.  Your Housing Officer can also refer you to the Welfare Benefits Service which is provided by the Independent Resource Centre.

Legal Action

Only when a tenant consistently fails to pay will the Association start court proceedings.  Court action is a last resort but it may lead to you losing your home.

Help with Rent

If you work part-time or have a low paid job you can apply for Housing Benefit.  This benefit is normally administered by the local council’s Housing Benefit section but if you are in receipt of Universal Credit, you will normally receive your rent payment in full and you will have to make this payment to the Association.  However, you may still be entitled to Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) if you are subject to a bedroom tax charge or have an extremely low working income.

We keep a supply of Housing Benefit application forms and your Housing Officer will assist you with the completion of these if necessary. 

All tenants are sent an end-of-year statement in March detailing all payments made over the previous 12 months.  If you wish to receive a statement more often, please ask to see your Housing Officer.

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