Requests for Information

The types of information requests include:

  1. Requests to view personal information, also known as a Subject Access Request or (SAR)
  2. Freedom of Information and Environmental Requests 

Requests to View Personal Information or Subject Access Request (SAR)

The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates how personal information relating to individuals is dealt with.

The main concept behind the Act is that although the data controller (in this case, Dunbritton) can hold your personal information, it still belongs to you.

Everyone has right of access to a legible copy of any information that relates to them held by an organisation, such as ourselves, under this Act.

Requests must be made in writing. To make this easier for you, you may wish to use the Personal Data Request Form, which is available for download below:

Persona Data Request Form

This form is not compulsory but if used it will help to make sure that the correct details are given so that we can find your information as quickly as possible.

Along with the form, you must provide copies of two types of identification that:

  • Identifies you and has your signature such as a passport or driving licence, and
  • Identifies where you live and where we will be sending the information to. For example, an up to date utility bill or your annual rent letter.

Please note that requests for information relating to individuals other than you are not dealt with under the Data Protection Act.

The Act only gives you the right to your own information; even details relating to a close family member would not be provided were you to request them under this Act.

If your Request is on behalf of someone else e.g. child or someone with a disability; you may also have to provide some evidence that the Requester has given you authority to make the request on their behalf.

We ask for this evidence to protect the interests of the Requester and to ensure that no personal details go astray.

There is a £10.00 fee for the provision of information under the Data Protection Act so you should include a cheque made payable to 'Dunbritton Housing Association' with your form.

Your application for information will be dealt with promptly and processed within 40 calendar days of receipt.

We reserve the right to ask you to clarify your request if it is too vague or general, and may contact you in order to do this. If you have a complaint about the way in which your enquiry has been handled, you have the right to apply to the UK Information Commissioner and ask for a review of your case.

Contact us

  • email: admin@dunbritton.org.uk (Subject Heading: Subject Access Request).
  • phone: 01389 761486
  • write to: Dunbritton Housing Association Ltd, First Floor, 32 High Street, G82 1L 

Freedom of Information and Environmental Requests

FOI does not apply to housing associations in Scotland. However the full powers of FOI may soon be applicable to housing associations. The Scottish Government must produce a report every two years on the reasons why it has or has not applied the power of the FOI Act to further authorities. As such, a further consultation on whether to extend Freedom of Information to housing associations has taken place. A report should be presented to the Scottish Parliament by 31 October 2015.

Legally the only request for information that DHA must comply with is when an information request is concerned with the environment. Under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, DHA is required to make environmental information available proactively and fulfil requests by the public.

DHA is an open and transparent organisation and every effort is made to ensure that tenants and services users have access to all of the information that they require.

As much information as possible will be made available on-line on the Association’s web pages in formats that are easy to read and download if required. Our Facebook Page will also provide information and direct people to our web-site for downloadable information.

Paper-based information will be made available in the Association’s offices. Newsletters and Annual Reports will be mailed to all members, tenants, sharing owners, factoring customers and other stakeholders on publication, except where individuals have expressly requested the information to be sent to them by email.

All information produced by the Association should be in plain English and easily understood. Graphics will be used where appropriate to enhance understanding of the information.

The Association will advertise the availability on request of information in other formats, e.g. on tape, in Braille, large print and community languages.

Our policy on Environmental Requests can be download for more information



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