Dunbritton provides factoring services to many private and shared ownership owners throughout our area of operation.

Our factoring service covers a variety of areas such as:

• close cleaning
• grass cutting of common areas
• common lighting
• litter picking
• common maintenance of closes
• maintenance of play areas

We also offer additional services on a block basis such as:

• Buildings Insurance

Our factored owners and sharing owners pay an annual payment to cover the Associations administration costs, the cost of any repairs and the cost of cleaning, gardening etc if this is applicable. Different owners have different costs to cover.

Julie Brown is responsible for the day to day administration of factoring. Allan Murphy, has overall responsibility for the factoring service, and any enquiries should be addressed to Julie.


Help to Adapt pilot launched for homeowners over 60:

The Scottish Government is piloting a new scheme to help older homeowners adapt their houses.  The Help to Adapt scheme, being managed by the Link Group is available to people over 60 who own their own home and need alterations to their home to help them live there independently for as long as possible.  The pilot is operating in 12 local authority areas in Scotland, including Argyll & Bute. 

If you live in Argyll and would like to find out more please follow this link: www.helptoadaptscotland.co.uk


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