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If you fall into arrears you should consult your Housing Officer, who may be able to help make an arrangement to clear arrears.

Some reasons you should avoid falling behind with your rent are:

  • You may not be able to transfer to another Association property.
  • You may not be allowed to exchange with another tenant.
  • You will not receive a satisfactory reference from us if you want to move to a tenancy with a landlord, or take out a loan or mortgage on a property.
  • You may lose your home.

If I have rent arrears what should I do?

Contact us to arrange a repayment agreement, which can be made by instalments over a period of time, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The arrangement will take account of your household income and financial commitments.

Legal Action – If you fail to contact us about missed payments or failure to maintain your repayment arrangement, and your arrears become serious, we will have no alternative but to take legal action against your tenancy. We would ask the Sheriff Court for an order to make you pay back your arrears and may allow us to evict you from your home.

Housing Benefit – You may be entitled to Housing Benefit towards your rent. You should complete a Housing Benefit form (available from our office and from Inverclyde Council Housing Benefit Section, Clyde Square, Greenock). Our staff are able to assist you with the form.

It may be worthwhile to make an application even if you don’t know if you are elegible. The amount of benefit your receive will depend on your income and circumstances. See our article ‘Your Benefits Are Changing’.

Welfare Rights Advice – Debt Counselling - We work in partnership with other local housing associations and Financial Fitness to provide benefit advice and debt counselling.

Financial Fitness offer advice and assistance to maximise your income, apply for Housing Benefit or appeal against a Housing Benefit decision. You can contact your Housing Officer to refer you or call Financial Fitness on 729239, email finfitteam@yahoo.co.uk

We are a non-profit making registered charity, whose income comes from rents and surplus income each year is invested in repairs and maintenance. It is essential, therefore, that arrears are kept to a minimum.

We aim to act to prevent arrears building up and will recover arrears fairly and effectively in accordance with our policy.

Our Current Arrears Policy is to minimise loss of rental by prompt, effective management, recovery and control of arrears and to give advice to tenants to maximise their income, minimise their debt, particularly rent arrears.

Former Tenant Arrears Policy - HMP02 Legal Action and Eviction Policy HMP03 Rent Arrears Policy - Current Tenants - HMP01

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