01475 783637 (office & emergency repairs)

If you are a Cloch Housing Association tenant and have an emergency repair when the association's office is closed, the emergency out of hours services can be contacted using the numbers below:

Call the Office on 01475 783637 and follow the Options:

Press option 1 to be connected to:  James Frew - Gas Sure (Gas Central heating and hot water)

Press option 2 to be connected to:  Novus Solutions (All other trades)

If for any reason the options don't  work please use the numbers below:

James Frew - Gas Sure 01294 468 113

Novus Solutions 01506 637643


Other Useful Telephone Numbers:


Police Scotland 101 (non emergency)     
999 (emergency)

Gas Leaks - Scottish Gas Network (formerly Transco)

0800 111 999
Scottish Power  0800 092 9290 (landline) or 0330 1010 222 (mobile)
Scottish Water Board 0800 0778 778

Important Information

An emergency repair is defined as something which could cause danger to health, residents' safety or serious damage to property. This includes for example, severe roof leaks; burst pipes; severe loss of water; blocked drains; blockage of your only toilet; complete loss of power or lighting; complete loss of heating in cold weather; dangerous electrical fault; & security following a break in. When attending an out of hours repair, our contractor will normally be instructed to make the repair safe only, with full repair being carried out during normal opening hours. Please only use the out of hours service for a genuine emergency repair. If you call an emergency contractor for a less serious repair, you may be charged all costs involved if we think you have acted unreasonably.

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Got an Emergency? We've got you covered! Contact our office on 01475 783637

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