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ISS Landscaping are underway with the 2016/2017 season. The programme is on our website to allow residents to see when they can expect contractors to be in their area, and what work will be carried out, as the work schedule differs each visit.

Our Clerk of Works and ISS meet frequently to discuss the contract, performance improvement and resident satisfaction.


How do I know what work will be done and when?

  • The diary on our website gives details of when and what will be carried out during each visit.
  • Once grass has been cut it is dispersed by blowers instead of being lifted and removed. This is normal practice and the same is carried out by other local Housing Associations.

Will the contractors definitely attend when the diary states?

  • Landscaping work such as grass cutting and spraying weedkiller is weather dependant, so it could be a more or so earlier or later than stated in the programme, but it will be done and you will receive the number of visits as given in the diary.

Is the contractor’s performance checked?

  • Yes – the quality of work and programme are closely monitored by our Clerk of Works and Property Services team. Any problems are raised with the contractor and once we are satisfied it has been resolved, we will sign it off.

Can I do anything to ensure the area is properly maintained?

  • Don’t tidy the area before works are due, as we won’t know who has carried this out, which can be confusing.
  • Do not allow your dog to foul an area due for cutting, as this could result in it not being cut and you may be recharged for the area being cleared.
  • Free dog poo bags are available from our reception.

What should I do if I have any issues?

  • You should report any issues to Cloch.
  • We can then speak with our contractor and Clerk of Works in order to resolve your issues.


We do listen to what you say and act on it in order to improve our service. We thank you for your help.

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