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Our History

Cloch Housing Association is a provider of rented and shared ownership accommodation based in Greenock in the west coast of Scotland.

Cloch Housing Association celebrated 40 years of service during 2008

The Association was originally formed on the 16th January 1968 as a charitable non profit making organisation under the name of Christian Action ( Greenock ) Housing Association Ltd. At that time its objective was to provide suitable and affordable housing for rent to stem the flow of young families leaving the area.

During the period from 1968 until 1986; 116 units for rent were created through new build and modernisation of existing tenemental properties. The Association was registered with the housing corporation in December 1977.

To reflect its changing role within Inverclyde the association changed its name to Cloch Housing Association Limited in 1979. The name Cloch comes from the lighthouse on the Firth of Clyde which bears the same name.

In 1983 the association built a sheltered housing complex at Elliot Court in Carwood Street. Residents here enjoy a fantastic social calendar with events throughout the year from Burns Suppers to Christmas Parties.

In 1985 the association broadened its role further still, by acting as coordinating agent on behalf of Inverclyde District Council in the area renewal of the Wellpark area of Greenock . In the same year an office was opened in the Wellpark area and a Director and a Clerical Officer were appointed to deal with the expanding development programme.

Over the next five years all Housing Management, Maintenance, and Finance functions were taken in house following the appointment of suitably qualified staff and in 1989 the association moved to larger office premises where it is today based. The association purchased these offices in June 2004.

With the initial aid of low cost loans from the local council and at a later date funding from the Scottish Development Department and then Scottish Homes and finally Communities Scotland, the association pursued the objective of providing new housing which was incorporated into an extensive development programme.

In April 1994, the composition of the Management Committee was broadened following the transfer to the association of 246 Inverclyde District Council properties in the Strone Farm (Whinhill) area of Greenock. Local tenant and resident members were elected to the committee, in the East with a Development sub committee being formed to deal specifically with the implementation of the regeneration process in the Whinhill area. This area of regeneration was finally completed in 2001.

In May 1995 the association submitted detailed proposals for the Acquisition, Management and Maintenance of 200 Scottish Homes houses in the Strone/Maukinhill area of East Greenock.

Following a successful ballot of tenants, 84% of which voted to transfer to Cloch Housing Association, detailed negotiations proceeded with Scottish Homes and 181 properties were transferred to the association in February 1997. Since 1997 a major programme of planned renewals to the transferred houses has been started and is still continuing.

Work has continued in the East End of Greenock. The development in Carwood Street started in March 1998 to provide two 3 storied blocks with 18 flats in each block; 12 of the flats are designed with people with physical disabilities; 12 of the flats were designed for Shared Ownership and the remainder were for rent.

In 1999 a transfer of Clyde Housing Association to Cloch was completed

Cloch has provided new build and modernised properties in Greenock and Inverkip as well as being the leading agency in the completed regeneration of Whinhill it has also been the lead agency in the regeneration of Gibshill, which is well under way. In 2000 the association completed 46 new properties in Gibshill and a further 26 houses for rent are being built at the present time, in partnership with Persimmons Homes. This is at a cost of £2.5million for houses for rent completing in the summer of 2008. Work continued in this area where 46 family homes were completed in 2003 in Auchendarroch Street.

In 2004 fifteen flats for rent were completed in Lynedoch Street ; 10 flats renovated in Cathcart Street ; and 6 flats at Crawford Street Port Glasgow. The association has also completed a new build project in Regent Street/Trafalgar Street Greenock which consists of 12 units which will facilitate Korsakoff sufferers plus 3 main stream flats. This scheme was awarded a grant by Energy Savings Trust. In Mearns Street 30 flats and houses were completed in 2002.

The association also completed a Complete Heat with Power (CHP) project in Leitch Street/Weir Street Greenock for 87 units; 75 units for rent and 12 units for shared ownership. These new, high energy efficient houses are serviced by a common combined heat and powered central boiler, providing heating, hot water and electricity to every home.

The associations’ focus of activity has gradually moved eastwards although it has developments throughout Inverclyde. Its continuing work in the regeneration of large areas of Greenock East has seen the transformation of Inverclyde’s poorest and most deprived areas including the Strone Farm, Gibshill and Weir Street areas. This has been achieved by developing strong partnerships with Communities Scotland, Inverclyde Council and private lenders.

15 flats for disabled tenants were completed in Regent Street in 2005 and 8 flats in Roxburgh Street in 2006. Growth will be delivered through an extensive Strategy and Development Funding Plan which includes a Stock Transfer at Maukinhill from Inverclyde Council and developing opportunities at the Waterfront.

The plan shows a potential to build nearly 400 houses over the next 4 years with the proposals being Developments in Gibshill; Highholm Street Port Glasgow; Maukinhill Greenock and 2 sites in eastern Greenock at Carwood Street and Garvald Street. In Port Glasgow the association presently is building 28 houses for rent at Highholm Street ; work started in summer 2007 and will be completed in 2008.

In 2004 Inverclyde Council agreed to a ballot of tenants in their Maukinhill scheme after a survey showed 4 out of 5 tenants wanted to transfer to Cloch. A ballot was held in September 2006 where 75% of tenants voted with 98% voting to Transfer from Inverclyde Council to Cloch Housing Association. The Transfer involved 233 homes which will be redeveloped to provide 213 low rise back and front door properties. The Transfer was completed in December 2007.

In tandem with this Stock Transfer 22 homes were developed at Clydeview Road and have been erected as a first phase to assist with housing residents in the Maukinhill scheme which will be entirely demolished and rebuilt by Cloch. Maukinhill Tenants Association have been involved in the design. All houses are semi detached and small terraces. Other completed projects have included purpose built developments with support provided by Care Agencies, Wider Role Activities and the provision of Inverclyde Care & Repair service.

Our Care & Repair service continues to provide a caring and supportive service to the elderly and disabled living in the private sector. Ongoing joint revenue funding and support from Inverclyde Council and the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board is essential for this growing service and is acknowledged and appreciated by the association.

The regeneration of the Maukinhill estate will take around 5 years and cost around £25million. Communities Scotland (The Scottish Executive Housing Agency) will contribute a grant of around £18 million, private finance of £6 million has been secured with the Nationwide Building Society and additional funding will be provided through Home Stake sales.The association has also carried out a successful joint development with Turnberry Homes for a development at the Greenock Waterfront. Discussions have been brought to fruition and 16 flats were provided at Kincaid Gate for sale through Homestake.

Other future developments are a site at Carwood Street to provide 15 houses for rent, Garvald Street to provide 23 houses for rent and a development on a site at Bawhirley Road Greenock for 4 houses. The association has also been involved in a successful Youth Build Project which involved joint working with National Children’s Homes (NCH) and has provided places for trainees in projects being undertaken by our Development contractors.

The association aims to provide, manage and maintain good quality and affordable homes within Inverclyde and will continue to flourish and grow in this role. At the present time the association owns and manages a stock of 1800 houses which continues to grow annually.

Our Management Committee comprises of tenants, owners and other interested parties, giving good representation from the community.

As a partner in the Gibshill Task Group, the association has been working closely with Communities Scotland, Inverclyde Council and Gibshill Residents Association to comprehensively transform the Gibshill estate into one of the safest and most desirable residential areas in Inverclyde. The association also continues to be a member of Inverclyde Housing Association Forum (IHAF) where we are able to discuss strategic issues and other areas of mutual interest with the other local housing associations in the area.

As an association which owns and manages around 1800 houses and employs 44 staff it is our intention that our stock will keep growing in the communities which we operate. In the meantime, we will endeavour to ensure that our high quality of maintenance and management remains paramount. A Tenants Satisfaction Survey concluded that “95% of tenant’s think the association is a good landlord”.

We pride ourselves in the Management & Maintenance Services provided to our tenants and as the Greenock Telegraph has said on 2 occasions “You can’t beat the Cloch”


Working together with our communities to continually improve quality and values in all that we do.


Customer Focus
when developing and providing our services our customers’ needs will come first.

our communications is effective, accurate and easy to understand.

openness, honesty and transparency are at the core of all that we do.

we treat our customers and each other with respect and dignity at all times.


  1. Improve access to affordable, sustainable quality homes throughout Inverclyde.
  2. Make a positive contribution to people's lives as an employer, landlord and community organisation.
  3. Driving and delivering service excellence in all that we do.
  4. Ensure our organisation is well engaged, well governed and financially sound.
  5. Work in Partnership with the Group and beyond to maximise benefits for customers and the business.

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