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Paying Your Rent

Rent is the main source of income for the Association and is used to pay for the day-to-day management, maintenance and repair of our properties.  It also helps towards capital loans and interest on money we have borrowed to improve our existing properties and build new ones.  It is therefore vital that tenants pay their rent regularly and on time so that we can maintain good quality housing and ensure a high level of service is provided.  It is a legal requirement of the Tenancy Agreement that rent must be paid in advance on or before the 28th of each month.  Tenants can make rent payments as often as they like, e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we also offer a variety of payment methods.

Ways to Pay Your Rent

  • Rent Payment Cards

For your convenience, we provide allpay swipe cards which allow you to pay your rent by cash or debit card at various locations, whichever you prefer:-

Over the counter at any Post Office. At the till point in any shops, petrol stations or other locations where the Paypoint or Payzone symbols are displayed, including any Woolworths stores.

By debit card over the phone.  Just call 0870 770 0472 and you will be guided through the payment process.

By going online at www.allpayments.net.  Allpay has ensured that their website is secure and the service is easy to use, but if you have any problems, just email allpayments@allpay.net for assistance.  If you lose your Allpay rent payment card, please contact the Association immediately to order a replacement.  You should receive your new card within 5 working days.

  • Direct Debit.

Setting up a direct debit payment couldn’t be easier.  Just fill out the short form with your bank details, tell us how much you want to pay and how often, e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly then return it to us and we’ll do the rest.  We will arrange for the payments to be collected from your bank and we can even change the amount whenever the rent increase is added – so you never need to worry about it.   You can pick up a Direct Debit form from the office or simply download it by following this link.

  • Cheque and Standing Order.

You can also pay by cheque to the Association’s office or by standing order through your bank.  However, these methods of payment are not as efficient as using the allpay payment system where the money reaches your account the day it is paid.

  • By debit or credit card at the office or over the phone. 

You can now pay using your debit or credit card either at the Association's office or by calling us on 0141 771 7722.  Please note that if you are using a credit card to make a payment, this will incur a 2% surcharge.

Having Problems Paying Your Rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please contact us immediately as experience has shown that the earlier these problems are dealt with the easier they are to resolve.  Our staff will do all they can to assist any tenants who find themselves in this situation.  We will discuss your situation in confidence and help set up a payment plan that is affordable to you and acceptable to us, to help you bring your rent account up to date.  We can also offer advice and assistance on how to apply for housing or other benefits, or make a referral for you to speak to a Welfare Benefits Advisor from GEMAP.

Getting Help with Your Rent

If you apply for benefit, make sure you provide all the information required, otherwise your claim will not be processed and you may lose out on any benefit due.  If you currently receive housing benefit and your income or family circumstances change, e.g. someone moves in or out of the house, starts or stops work, leaves school, etc. you must contact the Association and the Housing Benefit Office at 7 Shandwick Square, Easterhouse, Glasgow.  Tel: 0141 287 1270.   If you don’t, your benefit could be reduced or stopped altogether.  From time to time, the Housing Benefit Office may review your entitlement to benefit and ask you to provide or confirm information to support your claim.  You must do this straight away, as failure to do so can result in your claim being made defective.  If this happens, you will be left to pay the rent yourself, plus any arrears that have built up.

Not Entitled to Benefit?

Even if you don’t qualify for benefits, but are generally finding it difficult to manage, we can put you in touch with other organisations that can give you advice about any debt that is worrying you, not just your rent.

Rent Arrears and Legal Action

While we are here to help, you must remember it is your responsibility to keep your rent account up to date.  It doesn’t matter whether you pay full rent or you get part or full housing benefit, it is up to you to make sure the rent is paid.  If you fall into difficulty, contact us straight away.  If you make a payment arrangement with the Association, we will not take any further action, so long as you keep to it.  But, if you fail to contact us or to make and keep to an acceptable payment arrangement, the Association will have to start court proceedings to recover the debt.  This may result in your wages being arrested or you being evicted.  Such action is always a last resort for the Association, but we will use it if we need to.  So please get in touch before the arrears get out of hand and help us to help you!

Any tenant who finds they are having difficulty meeting their monthly rent payments should contact a member of the Associations Property Services Team immediately.



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