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The Association operates a Common Housing Application Form and as from November 2014 now operates a Common Allocations Policy with 3 other housing organisations across the East End of Glasgow.  The organisations who take part in this along with us are Gardeen Housing Association, Easthall Park Co-operative and Lochfield Park Housing Association.

The aims of the groups are:-

  • To be fair, efficient and consistent in allocating tenancies.  This means treating applicants with similar characteristics in the same manner to achieve the same outcomes.
  • To improve access to socially rented housing by providing a one-stop approach to applications, information and advice on the range of options for socially rented housing in Greater Easterhouse.
  • To gain a better understanding of the housing needs of the area and the opportunity  to improve strategic planning.



A Common Housing Application gives you the opportunity to apply for rehousing with other organisations, but you are only required to complete one application form, and you indicate which organisations you want to apply to.  A copy of the application form may be downloaded by the following this link.



Any person who is sixteen years or more may apply to the housing register. This is not, however, an automatic right to receive offers of housing.

We will provide application forms at our offices and online. In line with our equality commitments, this form can be made available in different languages and in alternative formats. We may also offer interpreting services. On request, we can assist applicants to complete their application form.



In order to be admitted to the housing register, we ask applicants to complete an application form.

An application form can be obtained by contacting any of the offices participating in this policy:

 • In person

• By phone

• By post

• Via website



We process personal information provided on the application form in line with legal provisions. Accordingly, we only share information with other agencies if we have applicant's consent, or if permitted by legislation. We may ask for references from any landlord or mortgage lender to confirm housing and tenancy details. We request applicants’ consent to do this on the application form.

If information held is inaccurate, the application details are amended accordingly. This might result in an offer not being made, or withdrawn.



The Common Allocation Policy operates a group plus points system.  The group plus points system establishes a number of groups with individual applications placed into an appropriate group.  Applicants in the group are then awarded points for any housing needs that they have. 

We have established a total of 8 groups. These groups cover the main needs covered in housing law and good practice guidance. These groups are listed in order of priority.

Our groups are as follows:

• Group 1 Homeless

• Group 2 Urgent Needs

• Group 3 Overcrowded (or large families)

• Group 4 Unsatisfactory housing

• Group 5 Transfers/Under-occupation

• Group 6 General needs

• Group 7 Care & Support

• Group 8 Aspirational

Group 3 and 5 have sub groups.

We place applications into a group using the following method. Applicants are placed in the highest priority group reflecting their housing need.

Eg:-  If an applicant has an urgent housing need, their application is placed in the urgent needs group (Group 2). This applies even if the applicant has other housing needs.  Further information on how this system operates can be provided by contacting this office.



We make offers based on the applicant’s housing needs and preferences after confirming details on their application form. This is good practice as it aims to reduce inappropriate offers.  However, before an offer is made the organisation will make enquiries with your current or previous landlords regarding:-

  • Your rent account.
  • Your tenancy in general, which will also include any anti-social complaints.

A formal offer of housing will normally be in writing and you will be invited to view the house before deciding whether you wish to accept.

If you accept, you will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement, which details your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. A staff member will explain the document in detail prior to you signing.  Rent should also be paid in advance so please ensure you are financially prepared.



Unfortunately it is inevitable that some applicants will be unhappy with a decision and may wish to appeal.  If you are unhappy with a decision, discuss the matter with a staff member in the first instance.  If you remain unhappy then the application will be given to a staff member in one of the other 3 organisations to assess.

If an applicant is still dissatisfied with any aspect of the way in which their application has been dealt with by the receiving landlord, this will be managed in accordance with the Scottish Public Sector complaints policy. 

A copy of this complaint policy is available on request and can be provided in alternative formats.

For full details on how to the common housing policy works, please refer to the information provided here.

To download an application form, please click here.

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