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Management Committee

  • Margaret Pirrie - Chairperson

    Margaret has been a member of the Management Committee since 1996 and has also served as Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. Margaret is very experienced member of the Management Committee and has also been Convenor of the Finance & Audit and the Housing Management & Maintenance Sub-Committee’s.

    Along with other members of the Management Committee Margaret assisted in the setting up of Pavillion Youth Café and was also a member of the Collree self – build group who assisted with the construction of 10 properties which were built for shared ownership.

  • Cathie Mulligan - Secretary

    Cathie is also a very experienced Committee Member and joined the Association in November 1995. Cathie has previously served as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and has also been Convenor of Housing Management & Maintenance, Finance & Audit and Health & Safety Sub-Committee’s.


    Cathie is also one the Association’s representatives on Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance and has previously represented the Association on the Local Housing Forums.

  • Irene Black - Treasurer

    Irene has also been a member of the Management Committee since November 1995 and has also served as both Chair and Vice-Chairperson. Irene has also been Convenor of the Investment and Housing Management & Maintenance Sub-Committee’s. Irene is also the Association’s representative on Employers in Voluntary Housing and Glasgow West Scotland Forum of Housing Associations.


    Along with 22 years experience as a Committee member at the Association Irene was previously the Chairperson & Committee Member at Easterhouse Project.

  • Patsy Aitken - Committee Member

  • Yvonne Crockert - Committee Member

  • Lisa Hotchkiss - Committee Member

  • Betty McGill - Committee Member

  • Andrea McLachlan - Committee Member

  • Tracy Slaven - Committee Member

  • John Wilkie - Committee Member

  • Gary Wood - Committee Member

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